AMA Town Venturex x Ti Chain

AMA Town Venturex x Ti Chain
 Project introduction: TiChain public chain is a blockchain meta-agreement, which is different from almost all other blockchain agreements. TI is a DPOS, BPFT, POOL hybrid consensus mechanism, which is regarded as the most promising blockchain in the field of Ethereum.  TiChain will be the biggest competitive challenge of Ethereum. Almost zero transaction fees and a processing speed of 160,000 transactions per second (hundreds of times higher than the processing speed of existing public chains) will be TiChain's competitive advantages.    .   
⏱ Time :  Monday, 20PM UTC +8 ( 19:00 VN ) May 23
🎁 Airdrop : 50 USDT
🙆‍♀️ Guest : Tichain community manager
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