Ama Town Ventures x BitCrush

 Ama Town Ventures x BitCrush 

💯N.I.C.E. Invaders is a hybrid kingdom builder, planetary attack and defense game. The goal is simple, stake $CRUSH to earn $NICE. Recruit other users to level up and increase $NICE production, and attack other planets for resources, while defending your own. It’ll take strategy and cooperation to expand and thrive in the game while earning real rewards in this exciting P2E universe. With a comprehensive breeding and offspring system, cross-chain gameplay, and massive expansion capabilities, N.I.C.E. Invaders is out to Crush the competition. Oh and look out for those “Black Hodles,” you may want to think about joining a faction or risk losing the entire universe!
⏰ 14H UTC - February 25 - 2022
🧧 Rewards Pool : 50 USDT
🪧 location :

🔈 WebSite Bitcrush ( - Telegram BitCrush ( - Discord BitCrush ( - TownVenTures Chat ( - Twitter Town ( - Telegram Channel Town (

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